Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Katana

Having a sound bar is a pretty big deal in the gaming world. After all, so many games rely on audio cues. Plus, it is pretty great to have the best possible sound system so you when are playing, you can enjoy amazing soundtracks and voice acting. That’s when a Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Katana can be quite handy. This is a $299.99 device with a 24-bit high resolution DAC, 5-driver system, BlasterX Acoustic Engine, and Dolby Digital Decoding.

The Sound BlasterX Katana is also quite aesthetically pleasing. It is a compact device that can easily fit underneath a computer monitor or TV. This means it is easy to use anywhere. It also has an Aurora Reactive lighting system. The programmable LEDs, with 16.8 million colors, makes it both an audio and visual treat to enjoy. Think of it as a way to really class up and enhance the joint!

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