myCharge Portable Power Outlet

Have you ever wanted to game on the go? I mean really do it right, with a computer out on the road and away from a power outlet. Well, with a myCharge Portable Power Outlet, you can make that happen. This is a gigantic charger with a huge price. Like it is $179.99. But bear with us, because it is something that can really take care of you when you need it. Should you have a laptop, mobile device, or TV, you could be set for about four hours.

How? Well, good question. See, the myCharge Portable Power Outlet houses a 20,000mAh battery. This offers 65 watts of power. Which you can then use to power devices with AC, USB-A, or USB-C ports. It even has pass-through charging, to charge the powerbank and devices when both are plugged in. Also, it has a rapid recharge feature that should hopefully make it easy to get it ready for any adventure.

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