PowerTrend Q-Hub

How many USB ports do you need in your life? Well, you may need to charge a phone, watch, spare power bank, tablet, and even handheld gaming console all at once. Things add up. Unfortunately, most computers only offer a two or three immediately accessible USB ports. Something that isn’t accessible if you are on the go. The PowerTrend Q-Hub is a solution. This smart Type-C hub gives you extra ports and extra power.

The Q-Hub is a 65W hub. It has two Type-A USB ports, two Type-C USB ports, and an HDMI port. Every one of them can be used at once, without sacrificing quality, speed, or power charge. While it won’t charge while the AC isn’t in, it does provide data transfer capabilities and extra ports. Whether powered or not, it will definitely give you more options and space you may not have otherwise had without this bonus hub!

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