JAM Voice

Amazon’s Alexa is great. And speakers are fantastic too. But what if you could have both things with you anywhere in the house? Like just pick it up and go with it? That’s where the JAM Voice comes in. It takes the quality JAM portable speaker you come to expect and shoves Alexa integration into it. For $49.99, you get the best of both worlds.

The JAM Voice is a four hour speaker. It can connect to your smartphone, with a free app, and works with other Bluetooth speakers. Love to stream stuff? You could hear Spotify or Pandora on it. Want to check in with Alexa for some assistance? Press the button on the top and say what you need to say. It’s a great way to keep you connected to the music and information that matters with a little 3”x 3” x 3” little cylinder who is always there for you in an inconspicuous place.

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