Skylink Alarm System

Most game consoles can end up costing people a minimum of $200. HDTVs can be $500. A really good computer is going to be at least $500. That isn’t even getting into the $400 phones or massive collections of games people may have. Some might worry about security when there is such value in their homes. But with a Skylink Alarm System, people can feel a little safer. These starter kits connect to your phone and allow you to have various sensors in your home to offer all kinds of added security.

Let’s go with the most basic Skylink Alarm System example. This gives you a base station, a sensor that can be used with a door or window, and a motion sensor. It also connects to an app on your phone. You can check cameras, look at motion sensors, and determine if you need to set a system panic. It even turns your home into a smart home, working with Amazon’s Alexa to get lights and fans on. Imagine being able to check a flood sensor to be sure water isn’t on or flooding while you’re traveling. The Skylink Alarm System offers peace of mind.

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