Cameras are fantastic things. And if you have some sort of professional model, odds are you like to have one on hand so you get all sorts of important pictures. After all, you never know when something notable might happen. But wearing one around your neck is heavy, keeping it in a bag means fiddling with stuff to get it out, and it is likely you could be unprepared. Thanks to the SpiderLight, you don’t miss those precious moments. It is a handy belt holster for your camera.

The $95 SpiderLight allows you to clip your camera on to your hip. From there, you just lift it up to start taking pictures with it again. It is lightweight and small, so you may even forget you are wearing it while working or enjoying a daily activity. It can adjust to different camera bodies, has secure two-position metal locks, can still be used with tripods, and doesn’t block battery doors.

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