Creative iRoar Go

We are accustomed to having sound options in our home. You know, make sure that everything we hear is as crystal clear and pristine as possible. But what happens when you head out on the road? Well, that is when the Creative iRoar Go comes in. This $199.99 portable speaker allows you to take a speaker with 5-driver design and bi-amp system anywhere. Pair it with a smartphone, mobile device, or handheld and you can enjoy quality sound anywhere with SuperWide technology that spreads out the sound and an IPX6 water-resistant rating that lets you use it anywhere.

What is nice about the iRoar Go is that it is not just a speaker. It has plenty of other different functionalities. Of course it is a speaker. It can also be a battery bank or work as a USB Sound Blaster sound card. Need a better phone, use it as a Bluetooth speakerphone. You can even play MP3s and FLAC files or record audio. It is an incredibly handy and versatile buddy!

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