AVerMedia SonicBlast GS333

We are entering an age where you can expect theater-quality sound from gaming experiences, sometimes even better if you have a system like the Xbox One X. This means you might need a better quality sound system to appreciate that. Enter the $149 AVerMedia SonicBlast. This is a 2.1 channel electronic device with four 2” active speakers and two 3” subwoofers with Bluetooth and wired connections. It has 60 watts of power and is designed to fill the room with sound.

What makes the SonicBlast GS333 so practical is that it works for all elements of your life. It has multiple practical applications. The three EQ modes are designed to suit any kind of entertainment. Game, Movie, and Music modes are available. Each one focuses on enhancing a different kind of sound. This means you will be able to have ambient noise, dialogue and soundtracks, and vocals and instrumentals emphasized in the most appropriate situations.

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