Soul X-Tra Wireless

As gamers, we are used to having all sorts of headsets around. I mean, if you need to listen and talk at the same time, you are probably covered. But what if you just want something to listen to music or movies? Well, a pair of Soul X-Tra wireless, performance, Bluetooth, over-ear headphones could be exactly what you need. While these are primarily designed for an active lifestyle, anyone can appreciate a good set of headphones that lets you have freedom while you listen.

The Soul X-Tra headphones are $104.99. They have about an eight hour battery life when the safety light is on, and 24 hours when off. They are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled with a range of 33 feet. Their Neodymium magnets, dynamic drivers, and 40mm speakers give a 20-20KHz response. And, best of all, they only weigh 198 grams. They are comfortable to wear and use, and people should have no trouble savoring their favorite sounds while wearing them.

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