Thrustmaster T-GT Racing Wheel

With beautiful dream cars and support for Playstation VR, Gran Turismo Sport is a natural surrogate for, well, actually racing these luxury machines. It’s almost a shame to play it with a controller. Enter Thrustmaster and their T-GT Racing Wheel. The company has a history of crafting award-winning hardware and their racing wheels in particular are guaranteed to get a hardcore racing simulator fan drooling. The T-GT, designed with with careful attention to GT Sport’s features, is the perfect gift for a fan of the game.

The wheel factors in the unique feel of each car in the game, providing strong force feedback to convey the details of the vehicle you command. In fact, Thrustmaster claims that the feedback is 100% proportional to the force determined in the game. Impressive! What’s more, the wheel is very quiet without the loud jerks of the motors. Turning the feel also gives a satisfying smoothness that you just can’t find in a lot of lower end racing wheels. The T-GT can be yours for $799 USD. It is available exclusively for the PS4.

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