Skinit - Custom Skins, Cases & More!

It goes without saying that we nerds love to plaster the things we own with nerd stuff; it’s a way to show our interests to the world and, in a way, a manner in which we can connect to other people. If, say, you like Batman and you want to walk around with Batman on your phone then the fine folks at Skinit have got you covered. If you’re lucky, someone might see your Batman cell phone case and say, “hey! Cool case!” And then, you’ve just made a new friend.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that skinit provides for more than just the gamers out there. Still, if you’ve got a nerd in your family, why not take a look at the Marvel and DC themed cases. Or, if the nerd in your life is privately geeky, you can always get them one of the many PS4 and Xbox One Decals they have on offer because why not throw a little Spiderman on both the console and the controller. Or, dare I say, a Chicago Bulls logo if they’re a sports nerd stuck in the 90s. You know your nerd best, and skinit gives you options to pick the perfect gift for him or her.

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