Nintendo Switch Swag

The iconic “Big N.” We all know Mario, we all remember the craziness that was the Nintendo Wii Launch. The console even invaded retirement homes so Grandmas and Grandpas could flex their competitive muscles in high intensity, waggle based bouts of Wii Sports. Namely, tennis. If you aren’t super familiar with your gamer’s interests, well, statistically you’ve got a good shot placing your chips on Nintendo. And if they are a Nintendo fan, well, then they’re a huge Nintendo fan. That just seems to be the way of things.

This holiday, you’ve got options. For $29.99 USD, you can pick up a Super Mario Edition Nintendo Switch Wired Controller PLUS. It’s a great looking piece of hardware and is well suited for gamers who prefer a more traditional style control scheme. And, hey, guess what? There’s an equally gorgeous The Legend of Zelda edition available this holiday as well. And wouldn’t you know it, there is also a line of ergonomic Zelda and Mario Joy-Con comfort grips to match that fancy new controller. These will be available $19.99. I also highly recommend an Anti-glare screen protection kit (available for $9.99) for the pragmatic purposes of playing in the sun and, more importantly, keeping that screen nice, safe, and fresh.

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