ASTRO Wireless Headsets and Base Station

ASTRO headsets are a brand gamers know and love; they’ve lined the wall of Game Stops for about a decade now. What is particularly nice about them is that they offer so many different tiers in terms of price so you can get a headset that suits your needs without breaking your budget.

Available for PS4, Xbox One, PC (and even Mac), the A50 model stands out as one of the nicest headsets on the market right now. It is priced at $299 USD but it’s got the features to support the cost. It’s one of those “eyes light up when you open it type of gifts.” The design is sleek rather than the often gaudy style of headsets gamers are burdened with. The included ASTRO base station is really a 5Ghz transmitter that provides a low-latency wireless signal that carries both voice and 7.1 Dolby@Headphone Surround sound. The base also makes it super easy to both pair and charge this headset which, from a full charge, will last about 15 hours. That should be enough time to cover far more than your average marathon session.

Down on the wired spectrum we have the A10s (which you can consider more of a budget price-point). One thing that stands out about this headset is that there is a specific “Call of Duty” option for color, complete with logo. Beyond that, you can always go with Red and Grey, Blue and Grey, or Green and Grey. But if you have a Call of Duty fan in your house, well, I suppose you already know which option to go with. This headset has an omnidirectional mic, a flip-to-mute button, and the same 40mm drivers contained on the A20 model. One thing is for certain, this affordable headset will definitely get the job done.

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