Norelco Star Wars Shavers

Shaving is a part of everyday life. Star Wars, unfortunately, is not. If only something could be done about this. Well, Philips solves this age old problem with their line of Star Wars edition shavers. With skins inspired by characters like Kylo Ren or Poe Dameron, fans can add a little excitement to the banality of their morning routine. These shavers are also of a high quality so those frustrating hairs that hang out at the corner of the mouth stand less of a chance than the residents of Alderaan in the face of the Death Star.

I specifically have my eye on the SW9700. It has 72 self-sharpening blades that will shave the hairs from your face rather than, you know, rip them out; it’s a real problem with your average shaver. The device’s 8 “ContourDetectHeads” will also adapt to the curves of your face to ensure a smooth shave and, thanks to the Aquatec capabilities, you can shave with a wet or dry face. This shaver is available for $259.99 USD but the line also has cheaper options, going as low as $49.99 USD.

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