Polaroid Snap Touch & iPhone Accessory

Suddenly, Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” has meaning again! People are once again shaking it like a Polaroid picture. That is because companies are making cameras that print out photos for you instantly again! And if you want one that is really good, right from the source, you should check the Polaroid Snap Touch Camera. It is $179 and gives you an immediate memory whenever you have it around.

The Polaroid Snap Touch Camera has Zink Zero Ink technology to print off your 13mp, 2x3” pictures as you take them. With or without the vintage Polaroid border and logo, of course. These can appear in color, sepia tones, or black and white. You can use a selfie mirror to get pictures of yourself, the self timer to set up shots, or connect to Bluetooth to share. You can even use the up to 128GB microSD card to store 1080p HD video.

iPhone cameras don’t really offer that real camera experience. I mean they can be very good! Especially if you have an iPhone X. But people with older models might want to get any improvement they can to make it more comfortable and versatile. The Miggo Pictar is one such accessory. With this peripheral, you can make it more like a real camera. For $99.99, it could make a big difference.

You just pop the iPhone into the Pictar. It then gives you an ergonomic grip and five buttons that make taking photos even easier and familiar. One button is to switch between front and back cameras. Another is a zoom ring. There is a shutter release with half and full press options. Smart and Exposure Compensation wheels let you make sure everything looks exactly like it should without messing around in menus. It even gives you a 1/4” tripod socket. Basically, it will look more like a real camera than a phone!

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