Kotobukiya Collectibles

Figures and statues are so incredibly detailed and complex these days. The work and design that goes into each of these items can be painstaking. Of course, this drives the price up, but for people who really love certain characters, it is worth it. Which is why people who love Star Wars may want to splurge on their new favorite hero, Poe Dameron. Kotobukiya now has a $109.99 ArtFX+ two-pack that includes both him and BB-8.

This Kotobukiya Poe Dameron and BB-8 are 1/10th figures. Even though these are essentially statues, there are customization options. There is a magnet in Poe’s neck, which allows you to switch between his normal head or one wearing a helmet. You also have additional arm parts. One makes it look like he is holding his helmet on his hip, while the other is him giving a thumb’s up pose. Both are great options to make your rendition of him look a little extra special when he is on display.

Stormtroopers tend to be fairly ubiquitous. One looks very much like the other. But true fans can tell the difference between these characters. Which means they can also tell the difference between characters. That means the Star Wars First Order FN-2199 figure will absolutely impress any fan of the series. This is a 1/10 scale figure from Kotobukiya that will be totally worth it for anyone willing to pay the $74.99 for him.

This First Order Stormtrooper comes with all kinds of details. You get multiple heads, so you can make him look like FN-2199, FN-2187, or even just have Finn’s head on the body. It also lets you be ready for any action sequence. How? It has a riot baton that can appear collapsed or extended and a shield. As for those poses, his base is magnetic, so as long as one foot is on the ground, you can be sure his footing is stable and true.

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