J!NX Apparel

J!NX is a brand that goes way back. Originally they made a name for themselves by providing apparel themed around “hacker culture.” Soon after, though, they moved on to games and comics. It’s a good match because, as anyone who has ever been at a midnight launch for a video game will tell you, hardcore nerds like to wear their fandom, literally, on their sleeve.

Their clothes which, by any standard, look fashionable cover a wide range of gamer topics. They’ve got Halo bomber jackets and pullover hoodies for The Witcher 3 that are low-key nerdy and will only be recognized by those in the know. In addition, if you have an esports fan in your home this holiday, you can give the ability to represent their favorite sport with Rocket League or Overwatch-themed jerseys. Or, if they’re a big Team Liquid fan, J!NX has the perfect shirt for them. Of course, not all gamers are adults. J!NX also makes clothes in children’s sizes so they can adorn themselves with Minecraft duds.

If you know one of those kids who thinks clothes are boring (I was one of those), J!NX also makes plushies and stocking stuffers. But let’s not kid ourselves, grownups like toys too. So why not take a look at some of their non-apparel items like Minecraft figures or, to cope with the hectic nature of the holidays, an Overwatch stress ball.

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