Minecraft Themed Controllers

Hey, has your rambunctious scoundrel ever spoken about a thing called “Minecraft?” Maybe he plays it on his Xbox One? Chances are, if this kid (or 28 year-old-man, in my case) does play Minecraft, he or she has made it known at some point. Minecraft is a fun, creative game where creating structures and images one colored block at the time is, essentially, the point. So, this Christmas, you can stoke that artistic drive with one of Microsoft’s Minecraft themed controllers.

The controllers come in two skins. One represents the ubiquitous “Creeper,” a green, cactus-looking zombie thing. The other option is the pig which has endeared itself to the Minecraft community for reasons I don’t understand.

These controllers will go for $74.99 and, outside of appearance, will be a fairly standard controller for the console. It’ll support a headset, it will be fully wireless and, via bluetooth, will be compatible with a Windows 10 PC or tablet.

For more product details on the Minecraft Themed Controllers, click here!