The Evil Within 2

In an era when sequels, trilogies, and series are all incredibly commonplace, it’s a big deal when one is actually better than the original. Developers nowadays have a tendency to turn to the community and listen to what their concerns are. While they might not be able to fix everything, they can still give it a fair try. That seems to be the case with The Evil Within 2, which took a mediocre game and improved on most of its weak points.

If you are considering getting The Evil Within 2, be prepared for some slightly clunky movement and somewhat repetitive walking simulator sections. Past that, it’s a wonderful sequel to a game that was originally sort of a miss, rather than a hit. You’ll become just as invested as Sebastian is when trying to find his daughter and walk away from the experience feeling like you got your money’s worth. Go ahead and let it scare you on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.