Project Cars 2

The folks at Slightly Mad Studios know a thing or two about motorsports and weather. These dudes love them some super-intense weather effects. In fact, there’s an entire system in Project Cars 2 based around physics and emulating real-life conditions based on feedback from real-life motorsports professionals.

The suite of online features for this game is impressively robust, going as far as to have in-game functions designed entirely around players building their own esports season structures. It includes everything an aspiring tournament organizer could possibly think of, from scheduling to overlays and more stream-friendly components. It’s wild, and seeing how both hardcore and casual players use it alongside actual esports organizations will likely be a big deal for the Project Cars 2 community. To go ahead and play one of the biggest racing games ever, head over to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is available on all three.