Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Fishing games, at their most basic, are about doing your best to catch as many impressive fish as possible. In Rapala Fishing: Pro Series for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, it becomes more than that. Yes, you are trying to catch as many as possible, but you have a larger goal. You want to be one of Rapala’s professional anglers. And the game’s challenges do their best to set you on the path to becoming a virtual star.

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series is all about realism. The 100’s of pieces of fishing equipment are all based on real-life ones. The boats you are in are from Ranger, with Mercury engines. You get above and below-water cameras to see the fish. Some of the tournaments will even feel familiar. And of course the 17-species of fish are actual fish. Once you create your angler, you will have the opportunity to fish in any kind of weather to prove you are the very best.