Credit card? Check! Car keys? Check! Pepper spray and/or taser? Double check! By the sound of this, you might assume we're about to walk through a dark alley at night or venture into a bad neighborhood. Not so! We're just getting ready for the crazy shopping season we're about to fight our way through. And while only the brave will hit the store aisles over the next few weeks, Cheat Code Central is here to help those not so courageous. If you're looking to do a little online shopping instead, check out our annual holiday buyer's guide that will clue you in on all the hottest gifts in the world of gaming, gadgets, tech and much more! Trust us...your couch is much safer this time of year!

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Activision Celebrates Record Profits, PS5 Controller Changes

Dan and some other familiar faces will be part of Street Fighter V's final season of DLC.

Do Comic Books Make the Best Video Games?

Games based on comics have been around forever. Why do they have such staying power?

How to Embrace Your Inner Game Monster

With multiple World of Darkness video games coming out soon, here are four entry points to help you unleash your best monster.

How Master Chief Changed the Video Game Industry

It may not be everybody's favorite game, but there's no denying Halo's influence.

When Is Cheating in a Video Game OK?

Cheating seems like a big deal sometimes. But is it really? Or does it just depend?

343 Addresses Halo Concerns, Spider-Man Exclusive to PlayStation

Nintendo adds former glitch back into Animal Crossing as a feature in new update.

Project CARS 3 - What Drives You

Buy, own, personalize, upgrade, customize—rise from Weekend Warrior to Racing Legend and discover what drives you on Your Ultimate Driver Journey.

Metal Gear Unlocks New Scene, Avengers Items Coming to Fortnite

Red Dead Online's new NPC will drug you if you kill animals

Why Halo on PC Just Feels Right!

The entire original Halo trilogy is now on PC...and that makes this Master Chief VERY happy!

Fans Could HATE Future Smash Bros Games

There may never be a game like Ultimate again, but that might be okay.

Halo Infinite - Gameplay Reveal Trailer

When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. The legendary Halo series returns with the most expansive Master Chief story yet.

The Best Games of 2020 (So Far)

Here's what one writer thinks about what 2020 has had to offer as we enter the second half of the year.

G4 Returns in 2021, New Xbox to Remove Technological Constraints

Ghosts of Tsushima receives a content update.

Are Next-Gen Consoles as Exciting as Previous Generations?

The next generation of consoles will be amazing. But are you as excited as you thought you'd be?

A Delay Isn’t Always Good News

Are all delayed games eventually good? Nope!

Ubisoft Takes Action After Allegations, Rocket League Free to Play

Also, Square Enix asks gamers to be patient for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Sequel.

Tommy Tallarico Announces Amico Reveal Event

Intellivision Amico™ Special Event Reveal, Announcements, Live Comments and Q&A!

Xbox Live - Summer Spotlight 2020

New games will be released every week for six weeks from July 21 - August 31.

Is Activision Making Nostalgia Its Brand?

Activision seems to have ended the generation by carving an old but new path for itself.

Microsoft Ends Yearly Subs, Nintendo Reveals Cadence of Hyrule

Bungie announces fans looking forward to Beyond Light expansion will have to wait until November 10th.

Why Do FPS Games Continue to Dominate?

The FPS genre has only gotten stronger since it came on the scene. Its reign is long lasting. But why?

Will Video Games Cost More Next-Gen?

Video game price increases aren't just a discussion anymore. But will it help?

Protestors Take Over RDR Online, Controversial CoD Skin Renamed

The US Military is also using esports as a new recruitment tool.

Mobile Edge Always Gives You a Traveling Edge

Mobile Edge and its line of laptop totes are great for keeping every electronic safe with people as they travel.
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