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Cheat Code Central Presents
Just in time for Valentine's Day, we put together a collection of the sexiest video game cheats ever created. Some are a little naughty so make sure you don't tell Mom and Dad. Relax, we're just kidding. But seriously folks...these spicy cheats and secrets are just what the Doctor O' Love ordered this special time of year. By Vaughn Smith

Dead Or Alive 4
Increased Bounciness
Enter "99" as your age in your profile to make the female characters' breasts bounce more than usual.

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Feel The Magic: XY/XX
Topless menu girl

Enter the DS system language option and change it to "Japanese". The girl on the menu screen will no longer have her top. Alternately, successfully complete the game on the Hell difficulty setting.

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Get to third base
In order to get far in the game with the girl, you must be nice to her friends and only be mean to her ex-boyfriend Sean.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Kinky theme
PS2: While playing the game, press Square, Right, Square(2), L2, X, Triangle, X, Triangle. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Note: Activate it after starting a new game if it does not work with your current saved game.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Play as adult film star Candy Suxx
PS2: While playing the game, press Circle, R2, Down, R1, Left, Right, R1, L1, X, L2. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Note: The game may freeze if you die in this costume.

Metal Gear Solid
Meryl's underwear

Follow Meryl into the women's bathroom and reach the last stall in under five seconds. Meryl will be caught with her pants down during the next sequence.

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Playboy: The Mansion
Increase physique
Have your Playmate follow you to a piece of sports equipment. Tell them to "Use". Repeat this several times. Eventually they will have a high Physique. This also works on everyone in the game.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude
Nude mode
Successfully complete the game, then buy the "Everybody Naked!" secret at the bar for 269 Secret Tokens. The "Nude mode" option can now be toggled in the "Extras" section of the bonus options menu.

Juggy mode
Enter "JUGGYDANCESQUAD" as a code to unlock the "Juggy" option at the cheat menu. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Topless Girl mode
Win first place in both competition levels to unlock the topless girl option. Note: This option is only available on the Xbox and GameCube versions. It does not appear in the PS2 version.

The Guy Game
Freeze video
PS2: While the girls are answering the questions, press Triangle (Y on Xbox to freeze and resume the video, including while they are flashing.

Outlaw Volleyball
Big chest
PS2: While playing the game, hold L1 and quickly press Circle, Up(2), Circle, Triangle.

Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball
See through swimsuit
Play as a girl with the Gimlet (Helena), Emu (Leifang), Carnelian (Christie) or another suit with a transparent part. Also wear a transparent visor. Go to the pool and allow your girl to lay on the chair until the menu disappears. Move the camera so that you are looking at the girl's body through the visor. The swimsuit will not be visible through the visor, but the girl's skin will. Small stars can be seen censoring her body. Each girl's stars appears different.

Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness
Bouncing chest
Play any well-lit level, such as The Tomb Of The Ancients. Place Lara next to a well-lit wall or structure. Position her so that she faces the object. Move the camera in front of her with the Right Analog-stick. The camera should show Lara's face and her chest. if not, move Lara back or forth from the wall accordingly. You can see that Lara is wearing a white bra. Wiggle the Left Analog-stick slightly to the right or left (or just jump in the same location) and her chest will bounce.

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