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iPad Gaming Analyzed

The iPad Cometh article

The biggest advantage to getting an iPad is that you'll have access to just about the entire 50,000+ game catalog of the iPhone. They're not all up-scaled, though, which means that some of the games just display an iPhone-sized screen in the middle of the iPad (not the most comfortable way to play) or have less-than-sharp visuals if they've simply been stretched. However, there are thousands of really great games out there, and if you don't have access to an iPhone or iPod Touch, then this is a great reason to pick up an iPad.


Less than a week into its lifespan, the iPad is already developing its own development scene. Rather than just relying on old iPhone ports, iPad is blazing new trails with the help of classic, amazing board games. Two great board games are available at launch: the always entertaining Scrabble and the fantasy-based, territory control game Small World. Both of these titles are fantastic when played with a friend, and are worth owning for anyone checking out the gaming scene.

The iPad Cometh article

Board games are an important part of this device's future, but it seems as though strategy games and racing games were what this machines was born to do. Real Racing HD and Need for Speed Shift are both utterly amazing, and it's basically required that you try at least one of them when gaming on the iPad.

Strategy games are no slouch either, though, and it seems like these two were a match made in heaven. Everyone could always see the potential for strategy iPhone games, but nobody could seem to design their way around the obvious impediment of the tiny surface area. Civilization Revolution for iPad showcases a great design for a strategy game and is a fantastic addition to any gamer's app library.

The iPad Cometh article

Even real-time strategy games are getting into the mix too. Command & Conquer: Red Alert has gotten the iPad treatment as well, and the results are quite good. It's not a perfect experience since it's a port of the iPhone version, but it's really encouraging to see what a developer could do in their first crack at the iPad. We can only imagine what kind of results we're going to see in this genre a few years down the road.

The iPad Cometh article

Overall, there really is a lot to love about this new gaming device. If your finances allow you to spend the kind of money you'll need to get started, then there's not much reason to stay away. Add to the mix that this device can do thousands of other things in addition to gaming and this is a great value for anyone looking for a gaming device that can also handle light computing, email, and assorted doodads.

By Andrew Groen
CCC Freelance Writer

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