April Fool's 09

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April Fool's 09


Welcome to April Fool's 09

April is a big month for gaming (and I mean BIG!!!), so we wanted to make sure everything is covered by creating this special section where you can learn about all the upcoming games, current gaming news, release dates, etc.

Due to the massive amount of gaming releases happening in April, we might not have been able to cover everything in the past, but be sure and take a look at each of these previews and reviews, because there are some very important announcements, including the sudden and unexpected launch of the next Zelda game for Wii. Read on for more!


April Gaming Special - Reviews

April Gaming Special - Previews

April Gaming Special - Latest News

April Gaming Special - Upcoming Releases

    4/01/2009 - Batman: R.I.P. Again (Xbox 360, PS3)
    4/02/2009 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Girdles (XBLA, PSN)
    4/02/2009 - Detective Adventures: Letters from Descartes (PC)
    4/02/2009 - Deepak Chopra: Live and Learn (DS)
    4/10/2009 - The Legend of Zelda: Night of Gloom (Wii)
    4/13/2009 - Looney Tunes: Sing It! (PS2)
    4/13/2009 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Word Game: The Tale of the Unfortunate Librarian Stuck in the Reference Section after the Zombie Ninjas Took over the World
    4/13/2009 - Viva Piņata: Sour Infestation (Xbox 360)
    4/21/2009 - Final Fantasy VII (Wii)
    4/21/2009 - Lips 2: Rehash (Xbox 360)
    4/21/2009 - Chat Party (Bundled with WiiSpeak) (Wii)
    4/21/2009 - LEGO Indiana Jones and the Nuked Fridge (Xbox 360, PS3)
    4/25/2009 - Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party (Wii, DS)
    4/25/2009 - Pirates of the Casino (Xbox 360, PC)
    4/25/2009 - Imagine: Starbucks Barista (DS)
    4/25/2009 - Pipe Organ Hero (Xbox 360, PS3)
    4/30/2009 - Gears of War 2: Epic Quest (Xbox LIGHT)
    4/30/2009 - Halo 3 Adventures: Master Chief's Space Odyssey (Xbox LIGHT)
    4/30/2009 - UNO X2 (Xbox LIGHT)
    4/30/2009 - Kameo Online (PC)
    4/30/2009 - WiiSit (Wii)


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