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April Fool's 09

Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party Review

Hit the Sack

Developer: P&S | Publisher: T&A
Release Date: April 25, 2009 | System/s: Wii, DS

You'll have a ball, or two, playing Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party. It's as much fun as having a rocket in your pocket, but with only a single-player mode, you'll have to play it all by yourself. Still, it's loads and loads of fun.

Everyone's favorite cocky, but loveable loser, is back with a new game entitled Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party. It's a fun party for one, as Larry winds up home alone again after a night of continual rejection from the opposite sex. You would think that would get any guy down, but not Larry, he's up and game for just about anything. Digging deep into his bag of tricks, Larry discovers a game where, when it comes to trick shots, two balls are better than none.


Armed with two balls and a long wooden pole, you take control of Larry as he attempts to sink both balls into one side pocket on his miniature pool table. You get two tries at each trick, but fail and you'll be left shooting blanks. And speaking of long wooden shafts, you'd better watch out for the woodpecker. He'll fly in the window at various times and attack your cue, rendering it impotent. The only way to prevent this is to purchase a rubber sheathing to cover the pole and fool the woodpecker. While this may prolong the use of your instrument, the feel isn't right, which can really put you off your game.

Modes include Capture the Fly, Whack-a-Pole, and Battle of the Bulge. There is only one difficulty mode, and it's hard to beat. I had to use a special code to keep my life meter fully engorged. Larry loses energy after each time he scores, but by locating and eating the magical purple pill, he's up and ready for another kick at the cat. The last boss is a tough nut to crack. It's a woman, and if Larry gets his way, he'll have to trade his leisure suit for a paternity suit.

April Fool's 09 - Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party

The DS employs the use of the touch screen exclusively, which feels a little stiff. This is more user-friendly than the Wii version, however, as the Wii Remote just won't stop vibrating. When obstacles get in your way, you can use the stylus to poke things and burst them. It's always good to have a little prick on hand.

Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party will make your little piggy go Wii-Wii all the way home.

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Writer

Rating out of 5
Rating Description


Larry appears a bit testy at times. He looks a little nuts.


You don't want to rub Larry the wrong way.


Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
The tunes will make your pants dance.


Play Value
This is the kind of game you can play with yourself.


Overall Rating - Average
Not an average. See Rating legend above for a final score breakdown.

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