April 2010 Preview Guide

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April 2010 Preview Guide

God of War III: Whores in Hell Preview


Developer: Sony Santa Monica
Publisher: SONY
System/s: PS3

April 1, 2010 - Sony finally reveals DLC for God of War III, and it might prove to be controversial for even long-time fans of the franchise. Want more head-ripping, body splicing, torso-crunching action from the man who single-handedly brought down Ares? Well, Sony Santa Monica has other plans in mind for the ultimate anti-hero, Kratos. This April, Olympus gets naughty when the one-man army we all love to hate takes on a completely new role.


Sony has announced Whores in Hell, the first of three pieces of DLC planned for God of War III. In this latest chapter, Kratos ends up in Hades once again, and this time his only means of escape will come from appeasing the gods by… pimping the dead.

Yup, this first installment of DLC tasks players with travelling through Hades, recruiting female denizens, and then matching them up with sinful Johns. Players won't actually get to see scenes of sex, though once dead NPCs consummate their affection for one another, the John will be resurrected back to life and returned to Earth. Each time a John is "saved," he'll release red orbs, which Kratos can then use to upgrade the attractiveness of his girls as well as his ability to negotiate orb rates with prospective customers.

God of War III: Whores in Hell article

Though the focus of Whores in Hell is on the micro managing of your harem, Kratos will still be called upon to bust some heads. If a John gets too rough with one of the girls or refuses to pay, Kratos will then need to break out the Chains of Olympus in order to keep customers on the straight and narrow.

Whores in Hell is scheduled to hit the PlayStation Store on April 1 and will set players back by $6.66. We greatly look forward to this interesting new take on God of War gameplay, as it promises to be a hellishly good time.

By Tony Capri
CCC Freelance Writer

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