April 2010 Preview Guide

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April 2010 Preview Guide

9-to-5 Office Dungeon Level-Grinding Simulator Preview


Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Electronic Arts
System/s: X360, PS3, PC

April 1, 2010 - Hailed as the most realistic dungeon crawl ever conceived, 9-to-5 Office Dungeon Level-Grinding Simulator is already Japan's number one sleeper hit of 2010. Office Dungeon allows players to slog through eight-hour gaming sessions in an office-themed setting where he or she can fill out documents, file them correctly, and then politely ask his supervisor for more work once he has completed the current set of documents.


Imagine the rush of gathering at the water cooler to meet NPCs (whose fetch quests don't actually result in any reward), or the thrill of leveling-up after months of grinding. With Office Dungeon's unique leveling system, the player can expect to have more responsibility hoisted onto him, with fewer breaks and less lenience towards making errors. As the player advances, he gains access to new and more powerful pharmaceuticals, which help suppress the rage and despair that come from having to deal with an unending series of mundane tasks, so that the player can blissfully grind away.

9-to-5 Office Dungeon Level-Grinding Simulator article

Early hands-on previews of Office Dungeon did note that some of the level designs seemed a bit repetitive, and at least one reviewer was puzzled that there was only one treasure (your paycheck) which spawns in the same location at the end of every week of game time. On the other hand, anyone who has ever played beta versions of Office Dungeon has stated that the ability to buy better clothes, accessories, and haircuts made all of the boring nonsense totally worth putting up with.

Shortly after its Western release, be sure to pick up the Office Dungeon: Stuck in Traffic DLC, which packs on an hour of gameplay before and after each level-grinding session.

By Kyle B. Stiff
CCC Freelance Writer

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