April 2010 Preview Guide

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April 2010 Preview Guide

Piggy Protector Trilogy:
We Eat the Ones We Love Preview


Developer: Reifenstahl Productions
Publisher: Activision
System/s: PC

April 1, 2010 - Excerpt from an Interview with the Director: "The guessing game of what the consumer wants to see and what kind of games he wants to play is over," said Kenny Reifenstahl, director and project manager for Piggy Protection Trilogy. "Now that mind-reading technology is available and affordable, we know what gamers want, and they want to protect a little piglet in an action-adventure sandbox setting."


When asked for clarification, Reifenstahl stated - "In the old days, game makers used to just guess about what their games should be about. A blue hedgehog? A plumber that grows and shrinks and jumps around? Game makers threw these random ideas into their games, and it was dumb luck whether the game would fail or succeed. Well, those days are over. We have hooked electrodes directly into the brains of hundreds of gamers and gauged their reactions to pretty much everything imaginable. Then we took the things that people found most favorable and jammed them all into one game."

When asked to elaborate, Reifenstahl continued - "We found out that people love ham, bacon, pork, basically any sort of edible swine, even if their religion forbids it. And they also love protecting small, cute, defenseless critters. After further studies, we found out that the human mind feels an intense and immediate bond when shown a photograph of a piglet. Not puppies, not kittens, not even human babies can compare with the surge of powerfully-suppressed emotion that any normal human feels when in the presence of a piglet."

Piggy Protector Trilogy: We Eat the Ones We Love article

Piggy Protector Trilogy is a unique blend of gameplay styles. Some stages are frantic races and first-person gun battles against a faceless mob in which the shrill cry of a piglet can be heard screaming, "SAVE ME! PLEASE, SAVE ME!" over and over. The player can even pause the game and look in his pocket, where he will see the warm, glowing face of a piglet staring back, smiling, and even winking lovingly if the player is doing particularly well. Other stages are reminiscent of Heavy Rain in which the player must input a series of context-sensitive responses in order to feed and clothe and provide basic care for his little piggy. There are even flying stages in which the little piggy takes the player's hand, shows him how to hover in the air, and then takes him on a wondrous journey across the world. "Not one single beta tester walked away from that stage with a dry eye," stated Reifenstahl. "Not one."

While most of the game has been tailored to appeal to the secret cravings of the human mind, the game's villain seems to embody all of our deepest fears. "We actually had to tone down Clam Clean, the villain," said Reifenstahl. "He was just too much. Beta testers were screaming, even hurting themselves, when he would show up. But people still hate him even after we fixed him up a little." Clam Clean's sole purpose is to find the player's piglet and viciously bite his head off, and since he has the ability to control the minds of others, the player finds himself facing off against the entire world for the love of a piglet.

When asked if a sequel is already in the works, Reifenstahl said, "We put the word "trilogy" in the first game because people really love trilogies. I'm assuming this game will sell more copies than any other game ever made in the history of mankind." After some thought, he added, "Of course there will be a sequel, you piglet-loving buffoon."

By Kyle B. Stiff
CCC Freelance Writer

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