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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops review

MGS: Portable Ops

When we first heard that the first Metal Gear game for the PSP was going to be a card-based battle game, we were extremely pissed off. No really. Weren't you? Then when we heard that Metal Gear Ac!d 2 was in the works and it was going to be another card-based battle game we were even more cheesed. Then, finally Konami announced Portable Ops and we relaxed slightly. Turns out PO is an excellent game and does the series justice. PO is a great reason to own a PSP.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection

Tekken isn't exactly a spring chicken anymore. The DOA games walk all over it in terms of visuals and difficulty (try beating DOA4) but the series still retains a spot in our grease-conjealed aging game journalist hearts. Dark Resurrection for the PSP is a testament to the talented team of developers at Namco - it plays like a dream and even features ad-hoc battles. Get this game!
Tekken: Dark Resurrection review
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories review

GTA: Vice City Stories

Can we guess the next PSP GTA game will be "San Andreas Stories"? Ha! We think we know everything. What we do know for certain is that Vice City Stories was a powerhouse of programming, pulling off tricks we haven't even seen the PlayStation 2 do. We'd say buy a PSP and a copy of this game, but we're thinking that Rockstar might end up releasing this on the PS2 soon, just like they did with Liberty City Stories.

Killzone Liberation

Ooooh, this game was goooood. Very goooood. Replacing the first person perspective of the somewhat overhyped PS2 original for a third-person view turned Liberation into an entirely new game. The action was blistering and fans appetites have been duly whetted for the next Killzone on the PS3.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories review
Daxter review


To be honest, the whole Jak and Daxter thing smacks of "me-too mascotism" and we hate to be a party to that, but Daxter on the PSP shines as an excellent platforming game. In fact, this game wasn't even on our radar until it was released and we reviewed just for the sake of reviewing another game. Then we were like "Whoa! This game kicks the fo-shizzle in yo-nizzle!" Just then, Snoop Dogg leapt from the rafters and slapped us with a copyright infringement lawsuit. Oh, that Snoop!


DS Game of the Year

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