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Black review


Black has everything you could want in a FPS: beautiful graphics, kick-ass weapons, explosions and challenge up the wazoo. Black's missions are relentless and rarely give you a moment to catch your breath. If you haven't already played Criterion's first venture into the FPS genre, do so immediately. You maybe exhausted and out of ammo, but you won't be disappointed.

Scarface: The World Is Yours

Unfortunately Scarface: TWIY didn't make it to the next gen consoles due to Radical wanting to spend the time improving the current gen versions - time well spent in our opinion. This game already made our "Best Licensed Game of 2006" and now it's on our Best Xbox Game of 2006. Scarface got our attention because of its evolution of the free-roam sandbox style game. Great story, lots to do, money and property management done right and of course no other game had Tony F****** Montana!
Scarface: The World is Yours review
The Godfather review

The Godfather: The Game

(X360 version pictured) - The Godfather allowed us to spend some time in the Mafia lifestyle and we grew to love the power. We have trouble asking for free drink refills at Pizza Hut, so we're definitely not mob material, but that didn't stop us from eventually falling over to the darkside of the Cosa Nostra and kicking some serious buttinksi. Yes, Francis Ford Coppola didn't like the idea of the game, but he probably isn't aware that games have evolved far beyond Donkey Kong. He probably thought Don Corleone would be throwing barrels at Sonny while he attempted to climb up a construction site! Actually, that's a pretty good idea....

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Sam Fisher's Xbox adventure proved that you don't need a fancy new system to kick it Cell style. You'll notice that the Xbox 360 version didn't make the awards and that's because the next gen and current gen versions of Double Agent are different games. While we really liked the X360 version, the Xbox (and PS2) version were better.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent review
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey review

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

You probably haven't heard of this game or avoided it because you thought the chick in the purple shirt on the cover looked a little too "emo" to be a worthwhile video game heroine. Not true. Dreamfall harkens back to a day when gaming wasn't about graphics or body count, but about story and mystery.


Xbox 360 Game of the Year

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