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Call of Juarez Interview

Call of Juarez Interview

CCC: What kind of weapons can we expect? Is there more focus on handguns, rifles, or what?

PK: All types of weapons are based on real Wild West weaponry. The players have an opportunity to use several kinds of revolvers, which differ in terms of precision, speed and reloading time. From six-shooters, very popular in those times, to sophisticated hybrid guns or eight-round Volcanic gun. Aside from that, there are shotguns, sawed-off shotguns, two-barreled shotguns, dynamite sticks and a bow, which is probably the most enjoyable of them all.

CCC: There are two distinctive characters in the game. Will we get to pick who we play as right off the bat or will it be a definite split from the start?

PK: Every single-player level is dedicated to one of the two protagonists, e.g. it is played with either Billy or Ray. In some places their paths meet and they're connected in the end, but the player controls only one character at a time. In short, it can be said that in one level we are the hunter, and in the next one we are hunted.


CCC: Is there a definite good/bad guy or are the lines a little blurred?

PS: "A little blurred" is an understatement. If we look at the motivation of the protagonists, we'll see hatred, closed-mindedness, fear and lack of maturity. Call of Juarez is definitely a dark tale. But thanks to the characters being dynamic, realizing their flaws and changing despite the costs involved, good eventually prevails.

Call of Juarez Interview

CCC: Will Call of Juarez be a free roam FPS or will we have a set direction we have to travel?

PK: The game tells a complex and immersive story seen through the eyes of two protagonists. For it to have a beginning, a middle and an end, the chronology of events had to be kept and the story had to be unveiled to the player chapter by chapter, like in a book. If the game had a form of total free roaming, it would be impossible to tell such story. Of course, there are levels in the game where the player has a lot of freedom, but first of all we tried to make it so that the player could be immersed into the plot as much as possible.

CCC: What about roaming the Wild West, will there be much travel between well-known cities, states, countries?

PS: We definitely won't see any historical metropolis. The story is about an escape from a small town forgotten by God, takes us the wastelands and ends in a fort next to the city of Juarez. We will, however, see various landscape of the borderlands - from forests and prairies of Texas to deserts of Mexico.

Call of Juarez Interview

CCC: Are there any plans for expansion packs or downloadable content for the game?

PK: First, I would like to note that the game already has much richer content than the PC version. We also have downloadable content, containing additional, inlaid weapons, special character skins for multiplayer mode, dashboard wallpapers, avatars etc.

Will there be additional downloadable levels and maps? We'll see. Much depends on how many fans the game will have and how popular it will be.

CCC: How about any early plans for sequel?

PK: The X360 version of Call of Juarez may be in stores any day now, so it's a bit early to be talking about plans for a sequel... or a prequel :)

CCC: Are there any plans for a release on any other systems besides PC and Xbox 360?

PK: We have no such plans at the moment.

Call of Juarez Interview

Are you ready to face down your enemies at the end of the dusty roads? I know I am and later this week be sure to check back here for the full review of this adventurous western tale.

Learn more about Call of Juarez, read the preview!

Interview by Matthew Walker
CCC Freelance Writer

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