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CES 2008: All About Gaming

CES 2008: All About Gaming article

January 9, 2008 - Las Vegas, NV once again was home to the International Consumer Electronics Show. This year's CES was full of amazing technologies that are sure to please. From Panasonic's 150" plasma screen monster to Apple's super-fast Mac Pro, techies will be inundated with flashing lights, whirring sounds, and serious fun. Here are a few highlights of the show that should interest the gaming faithful.

The PC May Be the Next Wii?

3DV Systems announced the ZCam on Tuesday, January 8. The ZCam is an affordable camera accessory that can be used to navigate through your PC. The device looks much like a webcam, and will certainly be used as one, but the camera really is a human interface device. It works like your mouse or keyboard, but instead of using these traditional methods you can simply access your digital content via the camera's gesture recognition capabilities and its ability to detect depth of field. That means there will be no need to gunk up your expensive touch screen, no need to tighten up your Wii remote lanyard, and no more carpal tunnel in your wrist from resting your hand on your mouse all day.

This has the potential to revolutionize not only the PC/human interface, but also the way games are made for the PC. For example, gamers may eventually be able to manage their favorite RTS with a wave of the hand, and Wii exclusives might actually be easily ported over to the PC. Will this be the gaming accessory the PC has been waiting for in order to kill the consoles?

CES 2008: All About Gaming article

Blu-Ray and Skype to the PSP

Blu-Ray disks will soon be able to be ripped from your PS3 to your PSP or Memory Stick. That's right! That means those silly UMD movies will soon be going the way of Do-Do. This is sure to give a huge boost to Blu-Ray sales and renew interest in the PSP as a must-have multimedia device.

Speaking of versatility, the PSP will also support Skype's VOIP (voice over IP) service by the end of January. That means you'll be able to call up all your friends who are also Skype subscribers for FREE, right from your PSP. Unfortunately, if you're still holding on to your original PSP-1000 you'll not be able to use the new functionality. The firmware update will only affect the PSP-2000, a.k.a the PSP Slim. Too bad the PSP doesn't support BlueTooth. Only time will tell what kind of head set will be provided. The coolness factor of the interface device should dictate whether this feature is successful or not.

Sony Brandishes 16 GB Memory Stick Duo

So, you're totally amped about being able to rip your favorite Blu-Ray movies to your PSP for on the go fun. The question is where are you going to store all that data? Sony's got the answer; how about a massive 16 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo. That should allow you to hold your favorite movies, music, and game saves with ease. I hope you're loaded though, because it looks as if this wonder of miniaturization is going to set you back about $300.

CES 2008: All About Gaming article

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