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CES 2009 Gaming Updates

CES 2009 Gaming Updates article

NVIDIA's 3D Gaming Specs

3D games have been around for some time, but the prospect of truly gaming in 3D is something many players are still anxiously dreaming about. Popular graphics hardware maker NVIDIA is throwing the gauntlet down, with new shades under the GeForce brand that should make any serious PC gamer's eyes light up. NVIDIA 3D Vision delivers portable stereoscopic 3D with a slick wireless design. The lightweight glasses feature high-definition optics at a range of up to 20 feet - not that you'll need to stray too far from your PC gaming rig. The USB-powered eyewear comes bundled with software capable for converting more than 300 games into 3D - no patches necessary. The $199 price tag might be a bit steep for some, but innovation in gaming demands sacrifice.

CES 2009 Gaming Updates article

Sony Gaming in 3D

Not keen on missing the boat on the 3D front, Sony also touted its interest in pursuing the possible integration of RealD 3D technology with video and gaming applications on the PS3 and beyond. On the CES show floor, Sony was running three stereoscopic tech demos - of WipEout HD, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - paired with RealD glasses to enhance the gaming experience to literally make the action pop right off the screen. Sony reiterated there are no definitive plans to make 3D PS3 titles, but it certainly sounds like a possibility that's being explored. Gaming has already grown by leaps and bounds; who knows how crazy it will get in the future!


Halo Wars Date Whoopsie, Demo Announced

Despite some accidentally bogus information being disseminated at Microsoft's press conference, Ensemble Studios' much anticipated real-time strategy treatment of the beloved Halo franchise is still set for a firm North American release date of March 3 on Xbox 360. Attendees at Microsoft CES keynote were erroneously informed the game would launch in the U.S. several days early on Feb. 28. However, the company has since remedied the inaccuracy, indicating the game won't be releasing until March.

Players who've been itching to get their war on a little early can snag the free game demo that will be launching on Xbox Marketplace on February 5. Ensemble might be dismantled, but the immense volume of work they put into making Halo Wars fit into the series' mythos and keeping the authentic Halo flavor intact in an entirely different game genre format looks like its going to pay off in a big way for gamers and Halo fans. This will be one hot title to look out for.

CES 2009 Gaming Updates article

PS3 and PSP to Get Their MTV

Sony and MTV Networks may seem like strange bedfellows to some, but a recent agreement between the companies will bring a new level of functionality to gamers who rally under the PlayStation banner. The two entertainment behemoths are joining forces through a recently announced deal to offer television content to players via the PlayStation Network Store. In February, MTV Networks will bring approximately 2,000 hours of programming (including MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike, TV Land, and more) to the PS3 and PSP. Players who like their gaming machines to belch various flavors of multimedia will find the broadcasting a welcome new feature for their home or handheld systems.

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