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CES 2009 Gaming Updates

CES 2009 Gaming Updates article

Fightin' with Street Fighter IV Controllers

For former and future Street Fighter addicts who don't have access to a nearby arcade for a more classic knock-down-drag-out SF IV experience, Mad Catz is offering several styles of new controllers that will help you bring your A game. Aside from being decked out with sweet artwork, the Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick for Xbox 360 and PS3 features a ball handle joystick and an eight button setup that lets you slam opponents and talk smack with a fully-authentic arcade feel. The more hardcore Tournament Edition FightStick is heftier and really looks like it was ripped straight off from an arcade cabinet. Both controllers will be available next month. Additionally, Mad Catz will offer a more standard-looking Street Fighter IV FightPad controller for both consoles that features a circular, eight-direction D-Pad and a six-button arcade configuration. As if the release of Street Fighter IV alone wasn't enough to get excited about.

CES 2009 Gaming Updates article

Weird Wii Gear Overload

Players with a penchant for pink plastic peripherals might find something to get excited in Girl Gear - a brightly pink-themed series of "tween tech accessories" for girly gamers (or male players who are extremely secure in their masculinity). The new line looks very much like the Wii Remote sports attachments, headphones, DS cases, DSi starter kits, and other goodies currently available on the market, only they're wicked pink. While many will file these pink plastic components under "total crap," there are some who may find them appealing and useful.


In other Wii gear news, accessory maker Nyko unveiled several more useful items for Nintendo console enthusiasts. It might be a tad ugly, but Nyko's new Wii Remote knockoff, The Wand, is being touted as "the most advanced alternative to the Wii Remote." Nintendo's original controller interacts with attachments via mechanical triggers and doesn't feature the shaky-shake vibe interactivity when attached. Thanks to Nyko's new Trans-Port technology, The Wand interacts with attachments electronically and includes the vibration component. To meet your Wii-Remote recharging needs, Nyko's redesigned Charge Station EX - a two-port charger - adds LED battery level indicators and sports a new look. Additionally, the company is offering a recharging solution for users of the wireless Nyko brand Nunchuk attachment, the Kama. The Kama Charge Kit holds a docking bay for a standard Wii Remote and for the wireless Karma attachment. All three items will be available in April 2009.

CES 2009 Gaming Updates article

The high-energy buzz in the gaming industry tends to settle down following the traditional avalanche of new releases that buries gamers in the holiday season, but the New Year still has many surprises in store for gamers. A difficult economic environment didn't spoil the thunder of many companies unveiling new and exciting gaming and non-gaming technologies at CES 2009. The future certainly holds promise for innovative hardware producers and consumers alike. Be sure to check back for Cheat Code Central's ongoing coverage of games and hardware throughout the year, as things start to heat up in 2009!

By Nathan Meunier
CCC Staff Contributor

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