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Comic-Con 2009: Highlights

Comic-Con 2009: Highlights article

July 27, 2009 - The San Diego Comic-Con is a huge event held every summer where fans of comics, games, and movies get together to mingle with other fans as well as the producers of their favorite media. At this year's Comic-Con, there was a lot of movie-related news, including the first trailer for the new Tron film, screenings of footage from the next Iron Man movie, as well as James Cameron's Avatar, and even a surprise visit from Johnny Depp to promote Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland reboot. Besides all the movie news, there were a lot of gaming-related announcements that were made at this year's Comic-Con

Halo Legends Anime

In a very surprising move, a new anime that takes place in the Halo universe was announced. Entitled Halo: Legends, this anime will have a limited run of only seven episodes each with its own self-contained story. And, much like the Animatrix compilation, each episode will be produced by a different studio, each with its own animation style. Confirmed studios working on Halo: Legends include: Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Eureka Seven), Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell), Studio 4°C (Jeanne D'Arc), and the ubiquitous Toei Animation. Halo: Legends should be coming out in both the US and Japan in 2010 as part of a stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray set.

Comic-Con 2009: Highlights article

New The Force Unleashed Expansion

LucasArts promised a big announcement at this year's Comic-Con, and they delivered by announcing two expansions to last year's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. These two expansions will take place in an alternate universe where (Spolier Alert!) the Apprentice chooses to kill Vader over the Emperor (alert over).

The first expansion will be available as downloadable content this fall and will revolve around Starkiller hunting down and killing Obi-Wan Kenobi. The second expansion will be available only on the "Ultimate Sith Edition" of the game, which is being released this fall, and will see Starkiller dispatched to Hoth to take down Luke Skywalker.

Comic-Con 2009: Highlights article

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 New Character

During Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 panel, a new playable game for the title was announced: Penance. This character is the grown-up version of Speedball, who is heavily featured in the Civil War storyline that served as the primary inspiration behind the events of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. At the panel it was also announced that there are three additional characters that have not been revealed, including one that would be kept secret until the game's release.

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