Console-Makers Are Crazy For Tablets

Console-Makers Are Crazy For Tablets

I guess that's the thing that confuses me the most here. Sony has the potential to basically say, "Look, everyone, get a Vita and a PS3 and you've already got the type of functionality that Microsoft and Nintendo are only talking about right now." Then again, they aren't really doing a whole lot with that functionality right now. Sure, we have a few neat crossplay games, as well as the remote options that let you interact with your PS3 in various ways with the Vita (an aspect of the Vita that simply isn't being hyped by Sony at all for some reason.) But where's Sony's real answer to the Wii U? To SmartGlass?

One thing is possible here: Maybe Sony's just not interested. I mean, they came back after the Wii's motion control with the PlayStation Move, which was—not going to lie—a blatant Wiimote/nunchuck rip-off. Where did that get them? Well, it left them stuck with a silly peripheral that not many people are excited about. (Well, unless you count the hopelessly devoted Harry Potter fans that are planning on spending their allowance on the Wonderbook. But that's a rant for another day, I think.)

So what is Sony's plan as far as this tablet thing is concerned?

My prediction: Sony is actually being coy here. And that's actually not a bad strategy. They aren't trying to dazzle consumers with gimmicky doodads and knickknacks that we're not sure we want yet. However, if this tablet thing takes off like the Wii's motion controls did, Sony already has all the tech in place that they'd need in order to remain on the cutting edge of the technology. And they're doing it without even asking consumers to buy another peripheral that's going to collect dust next to the discarded Move.

Console-Makers Are Crazy For Tablets

Secretly, Sony could be sneaking tablet-like tech into our living rooms already, letting it lie dormant until the market for such a thing is at its hungriest. Then they'll be ready to strike.

In fact, if this is their actual strategy, I think it's pretty brilliant. They're not wasting time and money developing new gadgetry, but they're staying on top of the type of tech that could very well push the next generation. It's the best of both worlds. For the guys in the expensive suits, at least. Let's just hope it translates to great gaming experiences for the rest of us.

Josh Wirtanen
Editor / News Director
Date: June 21, 2012

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