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Console Wars

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Explaining the joke. by Vaughn Smith

I used to know a guy who wouldn't play rental discs in his systems because of how dirty and scratched they were. He was panicky about it, almost to the point of having a disorder. One day I was over at his place and I noticed he had some Blockbuster rental games sitting on the coffee table. I looked inside and they were just abused. Scratched and caked with juice-box residue and the mysterious soil that only children can produce via ears, nose and other orifices. I asked him why he had changed his tune and he said something like "Ah, whatever. It doesn't matter." And I said "Well, the honeymoon is definitely over."

This strip is a commentary on life in general. How human beings just eventually become complacent about everything. Once you get that first ding in your new car, it's hard to keep up the same level of enthusiasm for it. The same with relationships. You treat your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend much differently at the one year mark then you did at the one week mark.

This was also my little way of saying to all of those people who rent games and puke on them or use them as footwear, "Just what the hell are you doing to these things?" Rent any game that's older than 1 month old and you'll open the box to find a horror show that would have made my friend faint in his "anal-retentive" phase.

If game systems were sentient beings, I imagine game rentals would be the equivalent of bringing them home a crack whore for the evening. Not a good scene and not one that I'd want any part of.

Things to note:

  • Treat your rentals with respect since I might be the guy who has to rent them after you, and I don't want ANY of your bodily fluids anywhere near me.

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