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Console Wars

Console Wars comic – click to enlarge

Explaining the joke. by Vaughn Smith

Ah, the new generation of Console Wars. By the time this strip was created in 2006, Console Wars was already two years old. Considering this was strip #16 and it wasn't like I was actually drawing this strip (like I did with my Original Sin comic strip - about a band I was in) you can tell I'm a fast worker.

This strip centers around the PS3 not knowing that he wasn't launching in the Spring of 2006. As I have experienced many times over the years, sometimes the person closest to the project is the last to know anything. Anyway at this point, Sony had just announced that indeed, the PS3 wouldn't be launching until November 2006 and gamers everywhere were saddened. But hey, at least that gave everyone an extra 7 months to save up the cash....if you can find a PS3 to begin with.

This is the first (possibly of many) comic strip cracks at Sony's bizarre decision to use the Spider-Man movie font on the PS3. Why not the Grand Theft Auto font? How about the Mario font? I mean, the Spider-Man font is pretty damn recognizable, isn't it? Kooky.

Things to note:

  • Since this is the first appearance of the PS3 (and X360), I kind of set the stage with him being a bit of a rube - a little slow on the uptake. I don't know why that is either, since the PS2 in Console Wars isn't anyone's fool. The Xbox 360 definitely gets the upperhand going forward. Maybe that'll change.

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