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Console Wars

Console Wars comic – click to enlarge

Explaining the joke. by Vaughn Smith

Studies seem to indicate that video games actually help kids with ADHD and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) because they force them to concentrate on the task at hand. But this is a stupid comic strip and not the New England Journal Of Medicine, so I go with whatever works. In this instance the PS2 is panicking and doesn't want to be made "mental" because all he does is play video games all day. This topic actually arose during a conversation with a game reviewer who once worked for the site. He was worried that he was becoming ADD due to all the video games he played, but the truth was, he was already a candidate for Ritalin. If anything, the games might have helped him. He actually used the phrase "Being made mental..." so I knew it was perfect for this strip.

It's obvious that it's too late for the PS2 and Xbox when it's revealed that neither of them can even concentrate on the conversation they're having...but it's not too late for you kids out there. Although studies might show that games help those with severe ADD, I'm betting it's still not a bad idea to turn off the TV and go outside with these people and ride a bike, throw a ball, catch a fish. Hey, I'm no doctor, but anytime you can turn off the PC and the TV, I'm guessing it's a good thing.

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