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Console Wars

Console Wars comic – click to enlarge

Explaining the joke. by Vaughn Smith

Anyone who suffered through Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness will understand this strip. The idea here is that the only way Tomb Raider: AoD can get played now, is if it disguises itself.

Without getting too heavy, this is a thinly disguised commentary on safe sex, starring a PS2, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Lara Croft. The PS2 is trying to be cool and showing obvious concern for his wellbeing at first, but eventually his hormones kick into overdrive and he gives in -ingdiscovers too late what cruel fate awaits him. If it takes this comic strip to tune you in to the dangers of that kind of behavior, so be it. Of course, you can just laugh at the fact that the PS2 has been tricked into playing that crappy game all night long. I had to, so I know how it feels.

Things to note:

  • The background of the strip gets a little more interesting in this one. It was time to retire the shade of prison blue that kept the focus on the characters for the first 19 strips.
  • I call this the "lost episode" of Console Wars, because I created it and then instantly lost it somewhere on my PC. It got to the point where months later, I was questioning whether I had just dreamed that I created it because I could not locate it. I eventually found it, saved in some forgotten directory as some unknown graphic file extension I never use. It made its first appearance in our CCC Magazine (the third issue).

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