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Explaining the joke. by Vaughn Smith

If this strip makes no sense to you, Google "Salad Fingers" and then meet us all back here. Just please note, Salad Fingers is definitely NOT for everyone. I am a huge fan of Salad Fingers and I wanted to pay homage to such a bizarre and unique creation in this strip. I didn't change the character of Salad Fingers or alter him in anyway, because that wouldn't be cool.

As we all feel sometimes, the PS2 decides his life is boring and is in desperate need of a change of scenery. The Xbox tries to scare him out of it by visions of getting "nabbed and modded" but the PS2 isn't frightened off so easily. After a short journey through the wilderness, the PS2 arrives at Salad Fingers cabin, where the situation goes to hell rather quickly.

Although we're spared the gory details of what takes place in House 22, the Ps2 manages to arrive safe and sound at his familiar surroundings (the room with the funky new background!) three hours later wearing a Hubert Cumberdale cap. We can only wince in terror when the Ps2 invites the Xbox to pay a visit to that lonely, desolate house in the woods himself...

Things to note:

  • I emailed David Firth, the creator of Salad Fingers for permission one way or the other and never heard back from him. If he has a problem with this strip, I will remove it instantly - but I hope he doesn't as it's one of my faves.
  • I located the Salad Fingers font somewhere on the net. You've got to love that.
  • The censored word peeks out just a crack. It was a pretty intense moment and needed to be seen as much as possible.

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