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Console Wars

Console Wars comic – click to enlarge

Explaining the joke. by Vaughn Smith

This strip is pretty self explanatory. Sam the new Xbox, meets an old timer. The old Xbox can't even say his name due to the problems with his original disc drive. I owned an original launch Xbox which eventually completely died due to the faulty Thompson drive in the original systems. It was only through the great assistance of my friends at EB that I was able to get another Xbox with the Samsung drive in it for absolutely nothing (and I didn't even have an extended warranty!) - to which I was eternally grateful.

Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 wasn't exempt from faulty electronics either as mine died just 3 weeks after launch. This time I was dealing with an all new EB in another part of the country and had to fight like a dog to get a replacement system (and this time I had purchased the extended warranty!). They screwed me around so badly that I finally had to call the regional manager. Within 5 minutes of that phonecall, I was called by the manager of the store where I was dealing and told to come and pick up my system - which had been "waiting" for me for the past two weeks. That was odd, since everytime I stopped in or called to inquire about it, he told me that he either didn't have one or that he had given it to someone else just a few minutes before. I'm not a vindictive person, but I hope that manager chokes to death on his next, big fat greasy A&W triple cheeseburger. Just kidding! I AM vindictive!

Things to note:

  • In case it wasn't obvious enough, Thompson the old Xbox is named after the faulty Thompson drive. See what a creative genius I am? Bet you never saw that coming.
  • Sam is named after the Samsung drive, which is far superior.

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