Developers Have The PS4...kinda

Developers Have The PS4...kinda

Sony fans will be happy to hear that some new information about the developer's next-gen console is slowly seeping its way onto the Internet. Last week, a handful of game developers were invited out to Sony Headquarters for a super-secretive “disclosure meeting," which was primarily focused on the state of the PlayStation 4.

Then, on Friday, several studios actually got their hands on the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 development kit. Granted, the kit isn't entirely complete, but it does give us a little insight into what Sony's system will have under the hood.

Currently, the system is codenamed "Orbis," but it's probably safe to assume that the console is going to adopt the PlayStation moniker sometime in the very near future. However, given that their latest portable console was called "Vita" instead of “PlayStation Portable 2,” we might see Sony drop their sequential titling scheme for Orbis as well. During the meeting, Sony was very careful to avoid using the phrase "PlayStation 4" when referring to the system.

The console is powered by an AMD 10 Series accelerated CPU. The 10 series is currently a popular model for Netbook manufactures, and some models sport up to four cores. Right now, there's no word whether or not the PS4 will utilize multicore processing, but there's a very good chance that it will.

Developers were also told that the graphical processing and CPU processing have been combined to increase the overall performance of the system. According to reports, the end goal is to allow the console to handle 60 frames per second at 1080P in 3D without missing a beat.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Unsurprisingly, the system will support HDMI out and include a BluRay player. It will also house between 8 and 16 gigs of Ram and a 256 Gig hard drive. Maybe now I won't run out of hard drive space when downloading free games from my PlayStation Plus account.

Developers Have The PS4...kinda

Aside from these basics, not a whole lot is known about the system. The current dev kit is basically a glorified computer, but developers are expecting to receive the finalized kits in January. This would give the devs enough to time put together a tentative launch lineup if Sony is shooting for an E3 reveal.

Also, Uncharted titles typically come out every two years, and the last one came out in November of 2011. Neither Sony nor Naughty Dog has mentioned Uncharted yet, but I have my fingers crossed for some kind of PS4/Uncharted 4 package deal with a poster of Nathan Drake and a system shaped like his big sexy head.

Josh Engen
Lead Contributor
Date: November 5, 2012

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