Do Games Even Need Trophies Or Achievements?

Do Games Even  Need Trophies Or Achievements?

With the Olympics still going on, medals are on a lot of people's minds right now. And for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the Olympics, Trophies are on the minds of PlayStation 3 owners. You see, two of the PS3's biggest hits have gotten a ton of added trophy support this week.

First of all, there's Metal Gear Solid 4, which sat unTrophied for about four years. The game now boasts a full roster of earnable Trophies, which require players to do some fairly routine things like clearing each of the five acts and earning the Stealth Camouflage. Plus, there are some real bizarre ones in the mix (though I suppose it wouldn't really be a Metal Gear Solid game without a heaping side of hilarious randomness), like one that requires Snake to break off "the most important part of a statue." Not sure what the most important part is? Use your imagination.

Do Games Even  Need Trophies Or Achievements?

A much more recent PS3 title has gotten a hefty Trophy update this week as well: Uncharted 3. Sure, there were Trophies in the game from the start, but now there are fifty more.

So do all these additional Trophies actually make it worthwhile to return to these games? Well, that question isn't entirely fair, since Uncharted 3's update comes with a ton of new content, including new character skins, customization options, gameplay tweaks, and a new Tournament mode. If you have any interest in Uncharted's multiplayer at all, then there's definitely good reason to get back into the game.

Still, those Trophies are there. They were put there for a reason, so obviously someone at Naughty Dog decided they were important enough to include in this massive game patch (which is completely free, by the way).

With Metal Gear, though, the Trophies are the biggest reason to return to the game. Sure, there's that whole convenient "install the whole game at once rather than in chunks between acts" thing, which is admittedly awesome. Still, if you've already played through all of MGS4, this really doesn't do much for you.

Do Games Even  Need Trophies Or Achievements?

This makes me wonder exactly how much importance the average gamer puts on Trophies. I mean, I know there are completionists out there who just love trying to collect every single one, but to what end? Does it really matter whether we earn a Trophy for something or not? Can't we just enjoy games for the content itself rather than a series of seemingly meaningless goals to cross off a checklist?