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E3 Change Analysis

E3 Change Analysis article

Amanda Kondolojy, Freelance Writer

Unlike most gamers, I'm actually not that upset about E3's new professionals-only policy. Sure it may alienate some gamers for now, but if we all take a second to look at the bigger picture, think about the networking possibilities that could come out of this. Professionals will be working together, brainstorming, and coming up with strategies to make better games for us. And all without having to worry about some kid in a stormtrooper outfit breathing all over them. I think making the E3 convention into a professionals-only affair, while giving fans their own convention (albeit terribly named) was actually a good idea.

If professionals are allowed to do what they do best in a solitary setting, I think it can only add up to something positive for us. I know it's a somewhat controversial opinion at this point, but as the fans-only convention begins to develop and come into it's own, I think less and less people will have a problem with E3 being industry only. Imagine how much these industry leaders will be able to accomplish and learn from each other. Not much was possible in past years, simply because of the hustle and bustle whirlwind-type atmosphere that is a gaming convention. Those of you who've been to gaming conventions know what I'm talking about. It's a very intense situation, and unless you know exactly what's going on (and trust me that's way easier said than done) you'll find yourself bouncing back and forth until the convention is over. It's just not a very efficient way to do things. But a more controlled environment will help industry leaders focus, and, eventually do what's best for us.

So all in all, I think everyone wins from the new professionals-only E3. Professionals will get the environment they need to do their work, and fans will be able to do all the cosplaying and fanboying that they want when they go to their own convention. And of course, now that the gamers have free reign over their own convention, there's no reason why we can't all just cut loose and go wild!

E3 Change Analysis article

Devin Finley, Freelance Writer

It has been the industry norm to host the E3, as the annual trade event, but this year, E3 shortens the list of invitees. As you would expect, all of those who will be permitted to attend "welcome" the change of the E3. Though whether the mean this or say it out of fear of being hacked off the invite list, we will never know. Of course all of the huge corporations and their precious time look forward to having an event where only the big fish are invited, no need to move through the little guy if everyone in front of you is big time.

In a world where the consumer is your most important target, it seems a poor idea to remove them from an annual get together that will ultimately effect them the most. But this year E3 would be happy to leave you feeling like Doug and Steve trying to get into a club. The big dogs will all get together and be able to handle more business without having to go behind closed doors at the E3 event, essentially turning the whole thing into one big business transaction; but if you are the one buying the finished product, don't you deserve a say? No; is E3's answer.

The big corporations have enough money to have all the meetings they want throughout the year while leaving out smaller companies; E3 is not the place to do this. They need to allow those who will be BUYING the game to take part in this event. The greatest advertisement in gaming is word of mouth, you hear about a game; that it's great, and you want to own or play the great game too. But the E3, it seems, would rather surround themselves with 'yes' people. It's like being in an internship; if you're competing for the job to come back or stay on, you're not really going to stick your neck out on the line and risk it being chopped off. Who at this years E3 event would give and honest opinion if it were negative knowing that if they do, next year they would not be returning?

E3 Change Analysis article

Smaller companies more than anyone know that risk equals reward. And E3 was a great place for them to risk it all and show off what they've got, most small companies dream big and are willing to take that risk, but it seems the larger companies are cutting them off at the knees by eliminating the chance to take that risk. Perhaps a safe bet considering the amazement over last year's BioShock, one of the many small presentations flying somewhat under the radar that ended up winning game of the show from many different sources.

The change however, is happening. Good or bad, it will take place this year; only next year will we see if we'll be allowed to swarm once again to the E3 expo. We will have to sit this one out to see whether we the gamers and buyers of the product will again be allowed to have say in the products we will be purchasing, or whether the industry knows us best and what's best for us and will continue to keep us out of what to some, is the highlight of the year for gaming.

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