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E3 Change Analysis

E3 Change Analysis article

Matthew Walker, Freelance Writer

E3 is almost upon us and everyone is not as excited as they used to be. Fans have looked at E3 as their one golden trip to make if they are a gamer. Dressing up as their favorite characters, witnessing the games that everyone would be talking about for the months to come, and in past years it became something of a bragging right amongst friends. In a lot of ways, E3 became one of the big comic-book-like conventions amongst gamers. Fans were not the only ones to get into the crazed festivities of past E3s either. Game publishers and developers would submerge themselves into the chaotic joys of fan boys and girls. I always found that the world of video games having their own little mega event that involved the fans was an amazing thing for the industry all the way around.

Now things are different. Sometimes you look at things and watch them change and think: "Man this could be great". Unfortunately, I cannot look at the changes made to E3 this year and believe that. Not to say that video games do not need a professional event for the world around us to see the professionalism in the industry. Instead, it is to say that after E3 this year, I look for there to be many, and I do mean many, independent shows held by individual companies because, when all is said and done, these shows are for the fans; hands down.

E3 Change Analysis article

There is no way around it. There is not a single journalist alive that can say that these shows were not orchestrated with the fans in mind. If they say otherwise, then they should not be a video game journalist. Now, it is arguable that we journalist are fan boys and girls, at heart, but the simple fact is that without the fans that do not report on the happenings of the industry, we would be without a job. Therefore, I truly believe that this change in E3 is going to be for the worst. It would be the same as not allowing comic book fans to attend the comic cons. At least for now, the comic industry seems to realize that their form of entertainment's success is based on fan approval and praise. We can at least look forward to the new convention for video games to start springing up. Who knows, those could become the right medium between what is being considered professionalism and some of the best examples of fan-antics every to appear in front of thousands of people.

Will E3 rock? Yes, I can say that; just because of the new games that will be announced and updates on a few that we have been missing. As far as it being better or even slightly as good as it has been, nope. I hope that I am wrong, but who will we be able to ask other than a gaming journalist who may or may not be a part of the elite club invited? Only time will tell.

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