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EA Sports Season Opener 2009

EA Sports Season Opener 2009 article

FIFA 09 Ultimate Team

System/s: X360, PS3 | Release: March 19, 2009 | Developer: EA Canada

This ten dollar download takes FIFA 09 and adds a strategic card game directly on top of it. Players will start off with a number of points with which to buy packs of cards. These packs will consist of several types of cards including Players, Staff, Contracts, Formations, and Tactics. You will need to attempt to assemble the best team possible from the cards you're given in the beginning, but points earned from great play can also be used to buy more packs. Cards can even be traded between players, making it easier to complete teams, find that specific player you want, or get cards that could help turn the tide during a close game. Each card will also have a rarity associated with it, either gold, silver, or bronze which will help players determine its overall value, how effective it will be, and/or how long it will last.

Putting together a squad in Ultimate Team requires a bit more thought than just picking players that you like. Your team's effectiveness will rely on several factors, including who your coach is, what formation your team is using, and how you are utilizing your personnel. Having a coach who runs a formation similar to what the majority of your players are accustomed to using will make your team perform better. The same holds true for having all of your players in their correct positions. Of course, there will also be cards that allow you to change various aspects of other cards such that you may ultimately still be able to squeeze your favorite player or coach into your team even if they don't necessarily gel together very well.

EA Sports Season Opener 2009 article

NCAA Basketball 09: March Madness Edition

System/s: Xbox 360 | Release: March 11, 2009 | Developer: EA Canada

Do you love college basketball, but only when it's March? Don't feel bad, there are a ton of fans that get swept up in the March Madness every year and this Xbox 360 downloadable exclusive is made specifically for them. For 1200 Microsoft Points, college hoops enthusiasts will get a version of NCAA Basketball 09 featuring only the complete NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship bracket with updated team rosters and ratings. Players can then take control of their favorite school and attempt to successfully take them through the entire tournament, including the Final Four, eventually being crowned National Champions. While you won't get the entire NCAA Basketball 09 experience, this package should be more than enough therapy for those fans looking to cure their own March Madness.

EA Sports Season Opener 2009 article

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