Eight Things That Need To Happen In Borderlands 2!

Eight Things That Need To Happen In Borderlands 2!

Borderlands 2 has just recently been announced, and it's looking like it will be releasing at some point during the 2013 fiscal year. Of course, this means we could see it as early as April of 2012, but personally, my bet is on a holiday 2012 release. Either way, we've got a while to go before we get to play it. But as fans of the Borderlands series, we weren't able to just sit around idly and wait. Instead, we put together a wish list of the things that need to happen in Borderlands 2.

The Tracker Needs to Be Improved

Borderlands had a neat little tracker built into its HUD that let you see where your next mission objective was located. However, there were quite a few instances where it simply didn't work as it should have. There are two major ways the tracker could be improved for Borderlands 2.

First, if the thing we're searching for is a living creature that roams around, that creature needs to be tagged on the tracker in real time, rather than having the spawn point tagged. In Borderlands, a mob could wander quite far from its spawn location before you managed to get there. Perhaps the best example was the werewolf side mission in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. We needed to take out four werewolf bosses, yet they were only marked by a single spawn location on the map. We had to explore for quite some time before we found the last two, and they ended up being quite far away from the tagged location on the map.

Eight Things That Need To Happen In Borderlands 2!

Secondly, when a mission has us finding multiple things, all of those things should be tagged on the map, not just the next one on the list. Finding the weapon parts in Borderlands could be frustrating, especially when the later pieces were hidden in places that we had already walked past several times trying to search for the others (which were improperly tagged on the map anyway.) However, certain missions had us uncover tape recorders in chronological order, and in those instances, only marking the next one on the map made more sense.

There Needs to Be More Side Missions

Borderlands had numerous side missions that could be picked up for extra experience. These were great ways to earn extra loot and go back to explore every nook and cranny of Pandora, as well as gain extra insight into the minor characters and lore. However, these seemed to be spread a little thin, especially toward the end of the game. Playing in a group usually lead to leveling up much faster, but solo players most likely found it difficult to progress through the game without tackling just about every single side mission. In Borderlands 2, we simply want more optional things to do.

The Bosses Need to Be Epic

Sure, it was fun taking out the minor bounties like Nine Toes and Baron Flynt, but during the later portion of Borderlands, the boss fights really ramped up the epic-ness. We want to see more gigantic monstrosities on the scale of the Destroyer. However, just like in the original game, boss fights should start small and work their way up to ridiculously large. The fact that the bosses we fought up to that point were mostly bandits, seeing the Rakk Hive rise from its crater on the Trash Coast pretty much blew our minds. We want more Rakk Hive and Destroyer moments; only we want them to surprise us. It's a narrow line to walk, but one we hope Borderlands 2 will do successfully.

Eight Things That Need To Happen In Borderlands 2!

The Setting Needs to Be More Varied.

In the base game of the original Borderlands, every location we visited fell into one of two categories: desert, and desert buried in trash and scrap metal. There were a few exceptions, like the Lost Cave and the Vault, but just about everything else was made out of sand, rock, and rusted metal. This fit the Pandora location fine, but could begin to feel a little overwhelming by the later portions of the game. In fact, the DLC packs proved that the Borderlands formula could work in more varied locales, like creepy forests and outposts built in the clouds.

Borderlands 2, we've heard, will take us to multiple planets. This is the perfect opportunity to give us more variety in setting. Let's see jungles. Let's see grassy knolls. Let's see otherworldly settings we can barely describe.