Eight Things That Need To Happen In Borderlands 2!

Eight Things That Need To Happen In Borderlands 2!

The Story Needs to be More Complex

Borderlands had a great story that felt almost like Indiana Jones in space. (Completely wipe the fourth Indiana Jones film from your mind and this comparison actually works a lot better.) However, it was fairly straightforward, even though the whole treasure-hunting-for-alien-artifacts thing had a lot of potential for deeper plotlines. Borderlands 2 needs romance, back-stabbing, unexpected power shifts, characters with mysterious pasts that need to be delved into in order to get the full story. In short, Borderlands 2 needs to more firmly embrace its RPG elements.

Eight Things That Need To Happen In Borderlands 2!

Bugs Need to Be Squished

Borderlands had quite a few bugs. And I'm not talking about Spiderants, though those were prevalent as well. I mean the game-breaking bugs which plagued Borderlands, even after multiple DLC packs and patches. Probably the worst offender took place during the final round of the Circle of Slaughter. If you used your Second Wind at any point during this round, the final stage of the fight would bug out, leaving you stuck in a locked arena. You could trigger the final stage of the battle by slowly walking in the exact right spot, but unless you found some online help, you could have potentially wandered around the arena for hours trying to figure out how to finish the mission.

Other examples of bugs included the tracker showing us incorrect locations for mission objectives (especially the gun part missions, as mentioned earlier), mysteriously floating ammo drops, and mobs that would get stuck in walls and floors. We pushed through all these because we loved Borderlands so much, but Borderlands 2 needs to provide a more polished experience in order to earn our praise.

Hacking Needs to Be Addressed

Playing Borderlands online with strangers could be interesting. You'd be just goofing around, shooting some scags outside Fyrestone, when all of a sudden some guy would show up with level 80 weapons and infinite cash. Suddenly, you'd realize you had infinite cash as well, and your character's level mysteriously kept increasing even when you weren't doing anything. While there's no harm in cheating in singleplayer (we are Cheat Code Central, after all), we shouldn't be affected by the hacks of others. In order to keep a thriving online community, we need to be able to log into Borderland 2's multiplayer modes without having to worry that our game will be broken as a result.

There Needs to Be Space Pirates

The original Borderlands was all about treasure hunting on alien worlds. If there's a more perfect excuse to include space pirates in a game, I certainly can't think of one. Imagine this: You spend hours exploring some alien cavern, and just as you find the treasure you are looking for, pirates show up to steal it. Or even better yet, they take you captive on their massive space cruiser. You need to escape from your cell, find where your weapons have been stashed, fight your way to the bridge in an over-the-top blaze of fire and lightning, and pilot the ship to your next destination. Get on that, Gearbox; that sounds awesome.

By Josh Wirtanen
CCC Editor/Contributing Writer

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